quarta-feira, junho 24, 2009

tequila contra a gripe suína

parece que george clooney descobriu o antídoto contra o vírus da gripe suína. ansioso por ir passar uns dias ao méxico, o actor conseguiu convencer dois amigos a viajarem consigo, acalmando-os sobre os perigos de contágio da gripe suína naquele país, porque, segundo a sua teoria, o consumo excessivo de tequila funcionaria como protecção contra a epidemia. pois, o homem fazia de médico na série "e.r.", mas era pediatra... o que é certo é que os dois amigos lá foram com ele para cabo san lucas, no méxico. aqui fica a notícia, conforme vinha no site "in case you didn't know". especialmente engraçada é a parte final da mesma. atentem:

"Former ER doc George Clooney has his own method of warding off swine flu - massive amounts of tequila! George tried to organize a boys-only escape to Cabo San Lucas over the Memorial Day holiday to golf and party. But some of his pals balked at going south of the border with swine flu raging in Mexico. Undaunted, George was able to convince a couple of his friends to make the trip by telling them that they’d be protected from the epidemic - as long as they drank plenty of tequila! While the germ-fighting ability of tequila is medically questionable, the star did end up making the trip with his best friend Thom Matthews and Cindy Crawford’s husband Rande Gerber. The party-hearty trio stayed at a plush $1,000-a-night three- bedroom penthouse at the posh Casa Dorada hotel overlooking Medano Beach, dining each night at the resort’s 12 Tribes restaurant, playing golf every day and bellying up to the outdoor swim-up pool bar - where the tequila flowed like water. While most of the country was following daily updates of the swine flu outbreak, George seemed unconcerned about his own well-being. “George lived with his pot-bellied pig Max for 18 years, so he joked that he’s probably immune to swine flu,” added the friend".

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