terça-feira, maio 31, 2011

the antlers - atrophy

You've been living a while in the front of my skull, making orders
You've been writing me rules, shrinking maps and redrawing borders
I've been repeating your speeches, but the audience just doesn't follow
Because I'm leaving out words, punctuations, and it sounds pretty hollow

I've been living in bed because now you tell me to sleep
I've been hiding my voice and my face and you decide when I eat

In your dreams I'm a criminal, horrible, sleeping around
While you're awake I'm impossible, constantly letting you down

Little porcelain figurines, glass bullets you shoot at the wall
Threats of castration for crimes you imagine when I miss your call
With the bite of the teeth of that ring on my finger, I'm bound to your bedside, your eulogy singer
I'd happily take all those bullets inside you and put them inside of myself

"Someone, oh anyone, tell me how to stop this
She's screaming, expiring, and I'm her only witness
I'm freezing, infected, and rigid in that room inside her
No one's going to come as long as I lay still in bed beside her"

letra e música simplesmente divinais.

quinta-feira, maio 26, 2011

our broken garden

os our broken garden são uma banda dinamarquesa, liderada por anna brønsted (na foto), dona de uma voz lindíssima, com três discos editados: "lost sailor" (2008), "when your blackening shows" (2008) e "golden sea" (2010). ouvi pela primeira vez esta banda há sensivelmente duas semanas, através de uma "recomendação" no facebook de john grant. ouvi uma música, gostei do som e comecei a "escavar" a partir daí. o que descobri foi bom demais e, desde aí, não tenho ouvido outra coisa, ainda sem vislumbre de enfado, antes pelo contrário.
aqui fica uma espécie de playlist das melhores músicas dos our broken garden, num alinhamento perfeito:

1. in the lowlands
2. when your blackening shows
3. cardia
4. la sagitaire
5. anchoring
6. the fiery and loud
7. seven wild horses
8. rock collector
9. nightsong
10. lost sailor
11. visible to you
12. blinding
13. watermark
14. my kinship
15. ashes
16. the dark red roses
17. the departure

in the lowlands - our broken garden

the departure - our broken garden

watermark - our broken garden

a versão original.

cardia - our broken garden

visible to you - our broken garden

when your blackening shows - our broken garden

watermark - our broken garden