quarta-feira, agosto 20, 2008

o que se ouve por cá

"rook", dos shearwater. quinto disco da banda de austin, texas, formada em 1999, por jonathan meiburg e will sheff, quando ambos integravam a banda okkervil river. actualmente, dos shearwater fazem parte meiburg, kimberly burke e thor harris.
aqui ficam algumas palavras acerca deste disco:
"the band creates an immense sonic wave of their own, crashing with soaring levels of volume and distortion, mimicking the physical devastation, yet with a powerful melodic beauty" (...) that the album lasts a mere 35 minutes is for the best, as it might be difficult to endure such an emotional toll for far longer. still, every note and every word of those 35 minutes is so meticulously plucked, sung and crafted that it's nearly flawless in its execution, but dark enough to haunt long after the music has stopped" - aqui.
o site treblezine.com refere como "similar albums" três excelentes discos: "spirit of eden", dos talk talk (a voz do vocalista dos shearwater, jonathan meiburg, é mesmo muito parecida com a de mark hollis dos talk talk, com laivos de antony hegarty pelo meio), "amnesiac", dos radiohead, e "boxer", dos the national.
"hollis acolytes or not, these are hardly song-sketches; all of them are careful compositions adding new instruments, moods, and sounds around the anchor of meiburg's voice. the edges of these otherwise lulling, hypnotic songs hint at danger and chaos (...) as impressive and uniformly gorgeous a record as Rook is, the band's best work is likely still to come" - aqui.
"most of the album tracks marry meiburg's high vocal register with classical instrumentation, though this is no pretty chamber pop. there's always a sense of greater ambition at play here: whether it's through meiburg stretching his extraordinary voice to its upper limits, or through the refusal to play the verse-chorus game, or through the intention to milk every moment for maximum drama" - aqui.
"this fifth album from jonathan meiburg’s okkervil river off-shoot is a masterpiece of melodramatic, string and piano-based prog-folk, like the precocious child of antony hegarty and joni mitchell fronting latterday talk talk on a soundtrack to ‘night of the hunter" - aqui.
para já, concordo com tudo o que foi transcrito. o espírito dos talk talk, especialmente dos discos "laughing stock" e "spirit of eden", renasceu com os shearwater. pura perfeição!

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