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concordo em absoluto

"One of the most deeply satisfying debut albums of recent times"; "Queen of Denmark transcends the sum of its influences by concentrating on the irresistible appeal of sad yet optimistic love songs, classy arrangements and a dark and handsome croon"; "Yet his debut eschews self-pity and tortured angst for wry snipes at old lovers and the straight world, sci-fi metaphors and soaring testimonies to the impossibility of perfect love. His rich, effortless voice has a built-in smile which contrasts beautifully with Midlake’s elegantly miserable blend of acoustic folk, orchestral classicism and the occasional eerie synth" bbc

"Backed by superfans Midlake, these are songs of impossible love, near-suicide and redemption, with an air of vastness and contemplation recalling Dennis Wilson's masterpiece, Pacific Ocean Blue. With pianos and flutes, songs such as I Wanna Go to Marz and Where Dreams Go to Die combine a surreal, David Lynch, sideways look at capitalist America with choruses most artists could only dream about"; "the emotionally wringing ballads – the witheringly honest Queen of Denmark and Jeff Buckleyesque Caramel – most suggest a man whose time has come". guardian

"Heralding the return of John Grant after the demise of his former band The Czars left him contemplating suicide, ‘Queen…’ sees him back on top form and teaming up with labelmates Midlake. Wry tales of personal redemption from an artist who has dealt with his own demons of depression and addiction are backed up by Midlake’s familiar ’70s soft-rock style, which has been tuned to its most dreamy. Brilliant lead track ‘TC & Honeybear’ is a mellow pop/folk swoon with a celestial soprano vocal, throughout which Grant’s effortlessly smooth baritone provides a perfectly rich, bittersweet counterpoint to the sparse piano and delicate flute and strings backing".

"After four albums fronting American indie band The Czars with scant commercial success, John Grant effectively abandoned music until Czars fans Midlake insisted he record at their Denton, Texas studio. The results, a near-perfect marriage of his warm baritone with their lush woodwind and keyboard textures, bring to tender life Grant's tales of growing up gay in the midwest. There's a delicate, melancholic tinge to torch-songs such as "Where Dreams Go To Die", while a childhood of hurt is cauterised in "Silver Platter Club" by a Beatle-ish arrangement of prancing piano and poignant French horn"; "On the album's best track "I Wanna Go To Marz", cyclical piano, gentle flute and acoustic guitar sugar-coat Grant's list of sweetshop memories, evoking the warm embrace of teenage yearning". the independent

"Queen of Denmark is a stunning piece of work and it confirms John Grant as a brilliant lyricist and vocalist. This is an album that deserves a place alongside this year’s best". the line of best fit

Much of the material is so soul searchingly personal it’s almost embarrassing to listen to. In less talented hands this could be a problem. In Grant’s it’s addictive. He knows he’s an idiot for doing the things he’s done, saying the things he’s said, and displaying the weaknesses he has (“You know I would do anything/To get attention from you dear/Even though I don’t have anything that I can bargain with”). Where Dreams Go To Die, the song that contains that line, is probably the best example of Grant’s inner conflict with the needy loser in love and his cynical, fiercly intelligent alter ego. You can almost hear them arguing";
Ultimately, after the final, single piano note on Queen Of Denmark’s title track fades, one is left feeling rewarded. Full. Satisfied. Reassured that, in John Grant, there are still artists who value the emotional impact of music, both lyrically, where this is honest, heartbreaking and funny as hell, and musically, where the listener is taken on a ride of great variety, abundant melody and virtuosic musicianship. I’m full but I want more".
sputnik music

Everyone has a favorite band or singer they reckon is subject to criminal neglect. That John Grant’s effortlessly rich, expansive baritone, couched in typically heartbreaking, lush melody, hasn’t found a wider audience many would consider a crime. But no longer. Because Grant’s first solo album is so undeniably great that the world will surely listen";

"It's a record of gravitas and grace, of FM melody magic laced with raw emotional bleeding. It asks why relationships are roulette and love is hell in a last-ditch attempt at self-improvement and atonement after years of alcohol and cocaine dependency. And on top, to further the album’s brilliance, Grant’s backing band on the album are Bella Union label-mates MIDLAKE, contributing their most empathic ‘70s-style soft-rock know-how. Put simply, “Queen Of Denmark” is the record Grant’s been waiting his whole life to make"
bella union

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