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25 novos filmes

a revista inglesa de cinema "empire", na sua edição de fevereiro de 2008, publicou a lista dos 25 filmes mais excitantes que vamos poder ver este ano, onde constam nomes bem familiares como james bond, indiana jones, batman, hulk, harry potter e... john rambo. eis a lista:
- indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull, de steven spielberg, com harrison ford, karen allen, shia labeouf e ray winstone. o produtor frank marshall descreve assim o filme: "the best way to describe it is that it's an indiana jones movie, it's got all the style and elements of the old movies, and we're not really trying to do anything different".
- hellboy II: the golden army, de guillermo del toro, com ron perlman, selma blair e doug jones. "it's very different from the first one. i want hellboy to be a sort of harryhausen movie, where you go to a world and you see creatures in their environment, and you're fascinated by them" (guillermo del toro);
- hancock, de peter berg, com will smith, charlize theron e jason bateman. "it's an action-comedy-romance, but it's a little bit off. will smith plays an alcoholic superhero who everybody hates, and he's trying to reclaim his spirit. he reclaims it by falling in love with charlize theron" (peter berg);
- wanted, de timur bekmambetov, com angelina jolie, morgan freeman e james mcavoy. "wanted is a film about potential, in which a reluctant hero, james mcavoy, suddenly awakes from his mundane life to take charge of the powers he never knew he had" (empire);
- iron man, de jon favreau, com robert downey jr., jeff bridges, terrence howard e gwyneth paltrow. "clearly this is not your average superhero flick: it's james bond meets tom clancy meets... charles dickens?!" (empire);
- the mummy: tomb of the dragon emperor, de rob cohen, com brendan fraser, jet li e michelle yeoh. "i know that when people hear that we have jet li and michelle yeoh, they expect a certain level of action, and they're amazing, so i'm confident that nobody will leave disappointed" (rob cohen);
- blindness, de fernando meireles, com julianne moore, mark ruffalo e alice braga, baseado no livro "ensaio sobre a cegueira", de josé saramago. "it's such a wonderful, terrifying story, and i'm not sure you can do better than getting someone like fernando meireles to direct such a brilliant book" (alice braga);
- rambo, de e com sylvester stallone. vinte e cinco anos depois da sua primeira aparição nos grandes ecrãs, john rambo regressa para o quarto filme da série. "if you thought the other movies were extreme, this one's gonna knock you for six" (sylvester stallone);
- get smart, de peter segal, com steve carell, anne hathaway, bill murray, the rock. "we looked to the scope of the picture and the action to complement the humour, the characters and the situations that people remembered. i think we found our own tone" (peter segal);
- the chronicles of narnia: prince caspian, de andrew adamson, com ben barnes, liam neeson e tilda swinton. "one of the most interesting things about making this was getting a lot of mythological creatures into a castle environment, fighting against armed soldiers. it's an imagery i've not seen before, so i wanted to combine all those things" (andrew adamson);
- son of rambow, de garth jennings (realizador de "the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy"), com will poulter e bill milner. "some have already called son of rambow this year's billy elliot" (empire);
- frost / nixon, de ron howard, com michael sheen e frank langella. "it was an amazing piece of television. plus, when you have a script from peter morgan and actors of such ability, it wasn't a hard decision to make. i just hope we can do the story justice" (ron howard);
- the incredible hulk, de louis leterrier, com edward norton, william hurt e tim roth. "it comes right out of greek mythology - this notion of the suppression of your inner demon. that was what drew me to it, the idea of a moral person at war with this thing inside of him" (edward norton);
- burn after reading, de joel e ethan coen, com george clooney, john malkovich, brad pitt e frances mcdormand. "it's a really funny script in my opinion. an inter-related black comedy of manners, set in washington, but not particularly involved at all with the politics" (john malkovich);
- the dark knight, de chris nolan, com christian bale, heath ledger, maggie gyllenhaal e aaron eckhart. "we defy even the most jaded commentator to sniff dismissively at the dark knight. after all, look at what nolan's batman rethink did with the superhero genre - rooting out all the realism he could, yanking the action down into the gutter, focusing on character rather than spectacle. and now he's going to do all that - with the joker. of course, heath ledger's scuzzed, scarred, punked and psycho'd-up take on the joker isn't the only reason we should be drooling with anticipation" (empire);
- speed racer, de andy e larry wachowski, com emile hirsch e christina ricci, produzido por joel silver. "silves hopes this movie will set a new benchmark for visual effects" (empire);
- pineapple express, de david gordon green, com seth rogen e james franco, produzido por judd apatow, realizador de "40 year old virgin" e "knocked up". "it's a marijuana-themed buddy comedy in the tone of 48 hours or midnight run" (seth rogen);
- the happening, de m. night shyamalan, com mark wahlberg, john leguizamo e zooey deschanel. o realizador define o filme como "a paranoid thriller about a family on the run from a natural crisis that presents a large-scale threat to humanity";
- valkyrie, de bryan singer, com tom cruise, terrence stamp e kenneth branagh. o filme conta a história do coronel claus von stauffenberg (cruise) que planeia assassinar hitler durante a segunda guerra mundial;
- wall-e, de andrew stanton (realizador de "finding nemo"), produzido pela pixar, com as vozes de jeff garlin, fred willard e john ratzenberger. a nova aposta de animação da pixar, depois do triunfal sucesso de "ratatouille";
- sex and the city: the movie, de michael patrick, com sarah jessica parker, kim cattrall, kristen davis, cynthia nixon e jennifer hudson. "a nice amount of time has passed, and the women have changed, and the city has changed. as you get older, you make different decisions" (sarah jessica parker);
- quantum of solace (o 22º filme da série james bond), de marc forster, com daniel craig, mathieu amalric, gemma arterton, olga kurylenko e judi dench. "what i can say is that it will follow on closely from casino royale; elements of what happened in the last movie are going to be pushing over into the new one" (daniel craig);
- star trek, de j.j. abrams, com chris pine, eric bana, winona ryder, zoe saldana e simon pegg. "star trek is something i grew up with and love. i'm completely respectful of the star trek canon and i feel there's a great movie to be made" (j.j. abrams);
- harry potter and the half-blood prince, de david yates, com daniel radcliffe, helena bonham carter, emma watson, alan rickman, jessie cave e jim broadbent. "what really has us looking forward to this one is that last act, where the series reaches new emotional heights and takes a twist in a completely new - and, as ever, darker - direction. it's going to be tough for them to pull it off, but if they do it rightm this could be the best potter film yet" (empire);
- where the wild things are, de spike jonze, com paul dano ("little miss sunshine"), com as vozes de james gandolfini, forest whitaker, catherine o'hara e catherine keener. "if the movie delivers on all its promise, then this should be a children's movie like no other and one of the most interesting films of next year, full stop" (empire).

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